I can help your business develop the organizational capability it needs to fulfill its mission and purpose.

📌 Define or clarify and operationalize your core values, mission, vision, and purpose
📌 Design and implement an org structure with the business functions, roles, and metrics you need at every level to succeed
📌 Build and/or implement scalable systems, processes, and teams
📌 Research, develop, articulate, and execute viable growth strategies
📌 Ensure alignment, accountability, and effective collaboration across all business functions
📌 Lead your team to long term sustainable growth, profitability, and impact

Typically, I work with clients in one of the following ways:

1️⃣ Inside your business, working with your team as a Fractional COO or Integrator for companies running on EOS®
2️⃣ Coaching you and your leadership team on how to do the work yourselves – teaching, sharing new tools, and facilitating your ongoing progress 🚌💨
3️⃣ Coaching individual CEOs 1:1 or in group cohorts

Business Leadership team Coaching

I’m a certified System & Soul (S2) coach. S2 is a next-generation business management framework with a powerful tool set that enables founder-led businesses to transition to scalable, senior leadership team-led businesses.

System & Soul builds on the process strengths of earlier frameworks, like EOS, but distinguishes itself in the following ways:

1️⃣ Culture-building. The ideas and tools for engineering a healthy culture are built into the S2 framework itself. Other popular management frameworks don’t address culture-building in all its nuance and complexity.

2️⃣ It’s flexible. You can customize it, adapt it, and plug in pieces 🧩 from other sources without “breaking” it. By comparison, other frameworks can be rigid and unforgiving.

3️⃣ It grows with you. System & Soul is Lean and open source, so it will continue evolving, innovating, and improving over time. By comparison, other frameworks are static, so you outgrow them as your business grows.

If you’re exploring business management frameworks for the first time, struggling with your existing framework, or looking to find a new one, I’d be happy to explain the S2 model and tools to you and how it compares to other frameworks.

Free diagnostic

🔗 Click here to complete a five-minute diagnostic questionnaire that will tell you where your business is at now and what you need to work on that I could potentially help you with.

The results may be enlightening for you. I’ll follow up afterwards to see if you’d like to schedule a free consultation to review them and explore potential next steps.

Fractional Operations Leadership

To achieve breakthrough growth, business owners need two things:

1️⃣ An operational leader who understands how to align an entire organization around a strong vision and plan.
2️⃣ The right operational infrastructure and management practices to execute on strategy and hold people accountable for delivering results.

Fractional leadership offers exceptional value. As a Fractional COO or Integrator for companies running on the EOS®, I will accelerate your growth by bringing years of executive leadership experience, knowledge, and skills to your company at a fraction of the cost of a full-time exec. You get the incremental horsepower you need to jumpstart your company’s next-level growth without having to pay for excess bandwidth.

Fractional COO

As a Fractional COO, I can get you from organizational chaos to spinning flywheel by:

  • Clarifying and operationalizing your company’s vision, purpose, mission, core values, and core focus
  • Defining clear goals and breaking them down into actionable roadmaps with clearly defined milestones
  • Developing, implementing, optimizing, and enforcing standard operating procedures
  • Reengineering business processes for efficiency and aligning them with the right software tools, setup, and automation
  • Restructuring the company org chart and redefining business functions, teams, and roles
  • Hiring new employees and getting them up to speed quickly
  • Ensuring knowledge transfer, business continuity, and smooth transitions as new employees come and others go
  • Developing meaningful KPIs and/or OKRs at the company, team, and individual levels
  • Establishing and maintaining all necessary meeting cadences and formats
  • Clarifying expectations for each communication channel, and ensuring message alignment across every level of the organization
  • Coaching up members of your leadership team
  • Identifying, defining, and solving root cause problems on a regular basis
  • Discovering innovation, optimization, and growth opportunities that align with your values, capabilities, and market position
  • Developing strategies to capitalize on these opportunities and executing them


As a Fractional Integrator for companies running the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) management framework, I will help you gain traction by:

  • Complementing you, the visionary CEO, and taking ownership of essential business functions, freeing up your time for your highest and best use
  • Aligning your leadership team on vision, values, goals, strategy, and core focus
  • Making sure you have the right people in the right seats and holding them accountable
  • Developing meaningful metrics for each function, keeping regular score, and driving continuous improvement
  • Identifying, discussing, prioritizing, and solving issues on a consistent basis
  • Documenting, streamlining, standardizing, and communicating your core business processes
  • Owning and executing key quarterly rocks and ensuring others do the same
  • Gaining traction for your entire company through discipline, practice, accountability, regular communication, and skilled conflict resolution, meeting facilitation, and coaching

1:1 Leadership Coaching

I work as a 1:1 coach with select Founder CEOs who mutually align on mission, purpose, and values. I will work across just about any industry. What matters most is that you’re “coachable” — i.e., growth mindset; honest with yourself and others; self-aware of your own strengths and weaknesses; humble enough; willing to risk being emotionally vulnerable; open and willing to listen, learn, and try new things; and motivated to change. As long as that’s the case, we’ll be able to accomplish a lot together and have fun doing it!

1:1 coaching operates on a rolling quarterly calendar and is customized to meet you where you’re at, address your specific needs, and provide as much accountability and structure as is necessary to deliver results.

Whether it’s leadership development and mentoring, business development and growth strategy, presentations and crucial conversations, long-term vision casting and planning, I can help.

Let’s Talk – Free exploratory call

The easiest way to find out if I can help you is to set up a free exploratory call. Let’s get acquainted with each other, talk about your current state, and see if it makes sense to take next steps.