Mark Scrimenti – Fractional COO and Integrator | Business Coach

I’m a full-stack operations exec with 15+ years’ leadership experience in ecommerce, software product management, digital marketing, sales, creative direction, HR, customer support and CX.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

For over 10 years, I had the privilege of leading ops for a pure play online retailer in the musical instrument and equipment space.🎶 With the help of a gifted leadership team✨ and every employee in the company, we developed and executed an innovative growth strategy, scaled operations, and aligned teams to deliver over $100 million in organic sales growth in 9 years, while >3x’ing profitability.💸💸💸

On the human side, we:
🎯 Built a data-driven culture aligned with the business’s core values and unique expertise
🎯 Hired, coached and mentored the right leadership team to take us to the next level
🎯 Fostered ownership, initiative, accountability, and healthy collaboration
🎯 Drove relentless customer focus, talking to customers regularly to identify improvement opportunities, consistently receiving the highest customer satisfaction ratings in our industry
🎯 Transformed a low morale, high-turnover culture into a place where the best employees stayed long term, recruited their friends, grew professionally, and became family 🫶

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Publications and Media

🖊 “Rising through Resilience: Why You Should Listen to Your Team and Get to Know Them Personally and Professionally” | Medium.

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