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To achieve break through growth, business owners need two things. First they need an operational leader who understands how to align an entire organization around a strong vision and plan. Second, they need the right operational infrastructure and management practices to execute on a sound strategy and hold people accountable for delivering results.

As a Fractional COO and Integrator for companies running the EOS® management framework, I will accelerate your growth by bringing years of executive leadership experience, knowledge, and skills to your company at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional COO

As a Fractional COO, I can accelerate your growth by:

  • Clarifying and operationalizing your company’s vision, purpose, mission, and core values
  • Defining clear goals and breaking them down into actionable roadmaps
  • Developing, implementing, optimizing, and enforcing standard operating procedures
  • Reengineering business processes for efficiency and aligning them with the right software tools, setup, and automation
  • Restructuring the company org chart and redefining business functions, teams, roles, authority, responsibility, and accountability
  • Developing meaningful KPIs for teams and individuals, supporting them, and holding them accountable
  • Establishing and maintaining all necessary meeting cadences and formats; clarifying expectations for each communication channel, and ensuring message alignment across every level of the organization
  • Hiring new employees and getting them up to speed; coaching and mentoring key leaders on a regular basis
  • Ensuring knowledge transfer, business continuity, and smooth transitions for outgoing employees
  • Identifying, defining, and solving root cause problems on a regular basis
  • Discovering innovation, optimization, and growth opportunities that align with your values, capabilities, and market position
  • Developing strategies to capitalize on these opportunities and executing them


As a Fractional Integrator for companies running EOS, I perform many of the same functions described under “Fractional COO,” above, only I do so using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) management framework, which, at its simplest, focuses on:

  • Complementing you, the visionary CEO, by taking ownership of essential business functions, and freeing up your time for your highest and best use
  • Aligning your leadership team on vision, values, goals, strategy, and core focus
  • Making sure you have the right people in the right seats and holding them accountable
  • Developing meaningful metrics for each function, keeping regular score, and driving continuous improvement
  • Identifying, discussing, prioritizing and solving issues on a consistent basis
  • Documenting, streamlining, standardizing, and communicating your core business processes
  • Gaining traction through discipline, practice, accountability, regular communication, and skilled conflict resolution and coaching

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The easiest way to find out if we’re a good match for each other is to set up a free consultation. Let’s talk about your business and see if hiring me to be your Fractional COO/EOS Integrator is the right next step for you.

Frameworks I USE

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Your Name
Visionary Founder/CEO
Company Seeking Breakout Growth

You’re a visionary entrepreneur with great ideas, plenty of drive, and a mission to make a positive dent in the universe. You have a functioning product and/or service, a team, customers, and revenue, but you’ve reached a sticking point or plateau in your growth that you’re having a hard time overcoming on your own. It could be systems, processes, people, strategy, sales and marketing, one or more of the above, or something else.

Regardless, you know you could use help from an experienced business operator who understands what you’re trying to do, offers insight, and complements you with skills and expertise your team currently lacks. Someone who can take critical business tasks off your plate, while also providing strong leadership, creative and strategic thinking, and clear communication across functions. You want someone really good, who’s battle-tested and reliable, but you don’t have the budget for, nor do you necessarily need, a full-time COO or other executive-level hire.

If this sounds like you, the services I offer as a Fractional COO/EOS® Integrator may be just what you need to help your business get to the next level. As a Fractional COO/Integrator, I am an executive-level operations expert who’s dedicated to your business for a portion of each week according to your budget and needs. Because of my experience, and with the help of tools such as the EOS management framework, I can accomplish a lot on a part-time basis, helping your team overcome its obstacles to growth, while freeing you up to do more of what you do best.

To find out how Vivid Path can help your business grow, set up a free consultation today.


Mark Scrimenti
Founder, Principal, Fractional COO
Vivid Path Growth Consulting

I’m a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ hands-on experience in eCommerce Business Operations, Software Product Development, Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, and Customer Service/Experience. I’m not just an operations geek, but also a visionary and strategic thinker, who’s served in numerous creative and technical roles throughout my career including Scrum Master, Creative Director, UX Designer, Copywriter, Technical Writer, and Business Analyst.

Over the years, I’ve helped launch multiple startups and spent 12 years leading eCommerce operations for an online retailer of music gear. While there, I helped develop the strategies, built and/or scaled the systems, processes, and teams, and executed the plans that drove over $100 million in sales growth.

Since then, as Founder-Principal of Vivid Path Growth Consulting, I’ve served as Fractional COO/CPO for multiple early stage tech startups and social enterprises.

I’m an avid learner, who’s passionate about disruptive innovation, customer experience, DEI, and the power of business to affect positive social change. One of my first entrepreneurial ventures was a not-for-profit community-based social media platform that connected volunteers with service opportunities in their areas. While this service orientation remains core to my identity, since then, I’ve focused on growing ventures at the intersection of profit and purpose, where they can have the most sustainable impact.

To find out more about who I am as a person and business leader, read my interview on the subject of resilience, published on Medium.

To discuss your particular business needs with me, schedule a free consultation.

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